The new loyalty program from Kipling

Kipling keeps innovating with its new loyalty programme that will turn customers’ social media interaction into rewards

Thursday, September 4, 2014 — Brussels. 

Since its creation, innovation has been in Kipling’s DNA. In 1987, Kipling developed the Kipling Society, the fan club that was the brand’s first CRM tool. Since then, the Kipling customer has always been regarded as the #1 inspiration for change. Fast-forward to 2014, the Antwerp based brand is re-inventing its traditional loyalty programme by providing a multichannel engagement combined with a strong social media interaction.  


How wil the programme work?

It’s easy to join the Kipling Friends programme.  Customers register online ( or in Kipling stores via an iPad and obtain a 10% discount welcome voucher. For every €1/ £1 spent the Kipling friend will receive ten smile points.  Additionally, if customers ‘like’, share or comment on a product via Kipling’s social media channels, their loyalty cards will automatically be topped with extra smile points.

For every 1000 smile points acquired a €10/ £10 discount is received. Consequently the Kipling Friends programmme allows customers to save and redeem points simutanouslely online and offline. As well as the extra discount vouchers, Kipling will surprise the Kipling ambassadors with free collector items and other happy presents.

Across all different channels, Kipling intends to create engagement and a regular conversation with their customers.

“As part of the new Kipling Friends loyalty programme, a complete contact strategy was worked out, with the profile and behaviour of the customer taken as its starting point: fewer aggressive discounts, more genuine loyalty and conversation campaigns.  We achieve this both online and offline – in the store, in the web shop and via social media.”

Jürgen Derycke, Kipling’s Digital manager


Customer data is at the heart of everything we do. Millennial consumers around the globe are massively influenced by social and mobile channels, crowd-sourced recommendations, and demand instant gratification from brand Interactions. Only offering rewards for purchase behavior is no longer enough to survive in a competitive marketplace. With Kipling Friends, we have created an industry-leading loyalty program that activates customers through omni-channel engagement. Next to transactions, we recognize and respond to interactions to create the right personalized experience. It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers —you must inspire and delight them to create loyal customers. ”

Ties Top, Managing Director m—wise


Kipling’s loyalty programme will continue to develop in early 2015 with the launch of a Facebook application, designed to create Kipling Friends for life.

Supported by a strong social media and in-store campaign, Kipling Friends will be launched on 1st October 2014 in 24 Kipling shops and online (