Discover the brand!

Discover the brand!

Monday, October 1, 2018 — After 31 successful years in the accessories business, Kipling’s aim now is to unify the brand under one global creative
vision. Over the last 18 months territories the world over have been working to unleash the full potential of the brand by focussing on its roots. By looking back to humble beginnings and recognising the history, we have been able to highlight and build upon the evolution.

Moving forward, Kipling will focus on millennials both male and female, with unisex collections. Inspiring people to come as they are, lighten their step and go their own way. Communication channels, both online and offline, will adapt gradually to this exciting new brand purpose and identity. We have seen this concept extend from product, to ecommerce and will be implemented globally across all stores.

To kick-start this new retail concept Kipling EMEA will see several new retail stores open in 2019; including two Italian pop-up stores, two brand new doors in Mexico and three new partnership stores in Naples, San Marino and Cyprus. The first of many new concept stores opened in Hongkong & Singapore mid-2018 and further store re-fits and openings are planned for the first half of 2019 with a planned completion date of 2021.

The new retail concept sees the use of concrete and exposed brickwork bring elements of busy city life into the store whilst celebrating the urban jungle through decorative plant life and green feature walls. Each store also features a colourful monkey mural, created by local artists to celebrate the playfulness that Kipling is synonymous with; and make each store as unique as the city it resides in.

New personalisation areas will allow customers to express themselves through custom embroidery and embellishments, creating an opportunity for people to come together to create something unique. 

At 31 years young, Kipling was founded in Antwerp, in 1987 and is now sold in 68 countries across the globe. Every bag comes with its own monkey mascot, each one named after a Kipling employee from around the world. Famous for providing
stylish and beautiful bags for every occasion, a Kipling bag is sold every two seconds, somewhere in the world – that’s a lot of bags.